“In the world, there is only one place where daily life so completely reflects itself in the sublime, in a marvelous intertwining of nature and culture. That place is Tuscany.”

M. H. Stendhal

Borgo Personatina


“Agriturismo with a pool just a few steps away from Siena, open from April 1st (or Easter) to early November. It accommodates 2 to 20 people in rooms and apartments with meal service upon request. All services are designed to ensure guests maximum privacy, comfort, and flexibility.”



The Hamlet

The village of Personatina is located at the foot of Montagnola, an area rich in forests, natural springs, historical and artistic heritage, just 10 kilometers from the medieval city of Siena.

The village, situated within a property of approximately 10 hectares mainly cultivated with olive groves, represents a typical example of an agricultural village with the main house at the center and all around it the rural part with houses once inhabited by peasants, stables, and warehouses functional to agricultural work.

Between 2000 and 2006, all the buildings were restored and transformed, partly into residences for the family’s private use and partly into accommodations and spaces for hospitality activities: Borgo Personatina Agriturismo has been open since 2007 and offers rooms and apartments to accommodate up to 16/20 people.

From a weekend for couples in a room with bathroom and breakfast, to a family apartment with a private kitchen, to the possibility of booking the entire agriturismo for events, family gatherings, or seminars, we have designed a modular and flexible structure to meet every possible need.

The Main House


It rises on the remains of an ancient medieval tower, of which a good portion of the masonry is still clearly visible in the hall. Subsequent modifications have transformed it into its current appearance as a nineteenth-century villa. Facing east towards the enclosed garden and west towards the square, it represents the beating heart of the village. Reserved entirely for guests, it is composed of three distinct areas divided by a large external staircase:

  1. The left part, called “LA TORRE,” which spans three floors and can be rented as a separate apartment or as rooms in the B&B formula.
  2. The first floor of the right part houses the bright apartment “LA SCALA” with a wide panoramic view.
  3. The ground floor of the right part, finally, leads to common areas such as the BREAKFAST ROOM, the kitchen, the spacious terrace with panoramic views of the entire estate, and the entrance to the GARDEN AND POOL.

The main house has a modular structure to be used flexibly according to needs: it can accommodate from a minimum of two to a total maximum of 16 people.

The Rural Area


The rural area is divided into different buildings, some of which are interconnected in the typical composition of ancient Tuscan villages. Developed around the square, a place of passage and gathering, it consists of:

  1. Some private houses, and within a small courtyard, a lovely and comfortable apartment named “LA CORTE” has been restored for agritourism use, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding olive grove.
  2. The small deconsecrated church, dating back to the 18th century, is currently used as a playroom: it is equipped with games and tools for the entertainment and pastime of the young guests of the agriturismo. From painting to foosball, from books to board games, everything necessary to entertain and brighten the children’s stay is provided.
  3. The courtyard, with an attached shed currently used as a private residence, almost entirely preserves the original brick flooring that was once used by farmers for threshing wheat.

The Name


The name of the village, “Personatina,” appears to originate from the colloquial expression “per una sonatina,” which roughly translates to “for a little tune.” It is an exhortation to celebrate after the long and hard work in the fields. This name is linked to the traditional rural festivals held for centuries in the estate’s square.