Situated between the east side of the villa and a tall stone wall that separates it from the olive grove, it is accessible both directly from inside the villa and through a gate on the south side, allowing entry to guests not residing in the villa.

In the upper part, there are small tufa brick vegetable gardens where strawberries, basil, parsley, herbs, and flowers are grown in rotation. After crossing the wide grassy area, you reach the alley of aromatic plants, some olive trees for shading, and a terracotta paved terrace, with a large wrought iron round table and chairs, available to guests of the La Torre apartment.

A row of American vines and two pergolas, perfect for reading a book in the shade or having an aperitif at sunset, visually and physically separate the upper part of the garden from the lower part that houses the pool.

Swimming Pool

In the lower part of the garden enclosed by the old stone wall, hidden from view by pergolas covered with American vines, is the pool, surrounded by a soft lawn that serves as a sunbathing area. The pool is available to all the inhabitants of the village, but with priority for the guests of Agriturismo Borgo Personatina.

Rectangular in shape, with a wide stone border slightly raised from the ground to resemble the fountains or fish tanks typical of gardens in the past, it measures 15m x 4.40m and is 1.20m to 2.20m deep.

A saltwater sterilization system was preferred: by adding normal sea salt to the pool filling, through electrolysis, the disinfectant necessary for water sanitization is produced; this avoids excessive addition of chlorine and anti-algae substances.

The result is slightly salty water, pleasant and non-irritating to the eyes and skin. Around the pool, scattered on the sunny lawn or under the shade of a pergola and some olive trees, there are sun loungers and deck chairs.

The pool is definitely open from June 1st to September 15th; these dates may vary from year to year depending on the weather and external temperatures.